Recorders are made from wood. As wood is a living construction material it is quite possible, as time goes by, unwanted changes in the instrument will occur.

Most of it can be repaired…

If the sound is not as good as it used to be:

- Responsiveness /Voicing can be adapted

- Correction of internal bore


Instrument blocked up/croaky:

- Responsiveness /Voicing can be adapted

Intonation of separate notes/whole instrument sounds impure: 

- Responsiveness /voicing can be adapted

- Correction of internal bore

- Retuning of single tone holes

Cracks in the wood:

- can be glued

- rings made from wood or vegetable ivory can be put on

Mortise and tennon joint too loose:
- new twine
- new cork


 Mortise and tennon joint too tight:
- new twine
- new cork
- tennon has to be reset


Tennon is broken:
- new tennon has to be attached


Thumb hole is worn out:
- a new thumb hole made from vegetable ivory (also made from wood on demand) is inserted 

 Keys out of order:
- new pads
- new small cork pieces
- new spring
- straightening of keys


And lots more…

Please be so kind and call me before sending your instrument!

Due to high demand on repairs I am offering appointments to reduce your waiting time, so the recorders are not out of your hands for too long.

Please fill in the following repair order and send it to me together with your recorder:

Repair order (download)






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