Alto in f' after Pierre Bressan

europ. boxwood, 392 Hz, 408 Hz or 415 Hz

This recorder suits the french baroque music with its countless ornamentations best. It has a stable and balanced sound.

I like to characterize it as a trunk of a tree with adornments entwined around like tender leaves.

Due to stability the tone is a little less dynamic compared to the Denner alto recorder.

However it presents you with the necessary security for the complicated trill of the french baroque.

From low to high pitch consistantlty staying strong and warm in sound this recorder is a masterpiece of baroque art of recorder building.

The Bressan-alto recorder is available in 415 Hz, 392 Hz and as a copie of an original in

405 Hz (also with the original single or double fingerholes) It is possible to order for the headjoint of the  415 Hz version an additional body (middlejoint and foodjoint) in 392 Hz.

I am happy to individualize all my recorders concerning the players breath type.